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Why Businesses Should Renovate Their Offices After COVID-19

Why Businesses Should Renovate Their Offices After COVID-19

As people head back to the office in a post-coronavirus world, returning has its fears. Office renovations are on the minds of many due to the health and safety of employees.

Now that remote working is over, many business owners are thinking about office upgrades and the organizational priorities to reshape the office layout. What will office renovations in Toronto look like? How will it impact your employees?

Learn why businesses should consider renovating their offices after COVID-19.

Office Renovations Begin With Organization

Isolation has kept everyone away from each other during COVID-19, and office renovations should focus on bringing people back together. Reorganizing your office will be key to account for safety measures.

Common Areas

You might consider more common areas that feel like home where people can congregate. Office upgrades may also need to reconfigure more space between employees. That space may also include plexiglass dividers.

Shared workspaces

Shared workspaces, also known as co-working spaces, are increasing in popularity for those looking to escape isolation. People work at a large, communal desk in a room with the amenities of home, such as a coffee pot and refrigerator. If downsizing your office, shared workspaces may be an option to consider as you only rent out what you need and can be shared with other businesses.

Your business may look different mainly because more people will be working from home. You will want to partner with a construction firm for office renovations in Toronto.


Video conference calls dominated the workforce during the coronavirus. Many offices might consider a dedicated conference room just for video conference calls. Your IT department can advise you on how to use the space in office upgrades best.

Touchless technology with things like automatic hand sanitizing stations, doors, and lights are also office upgrades to consider. With fewer people touching door handles and light switches, you will likely have fewer sick people in the office.

Your IT department should also install more cloud-based technology. This allows workers to access files and servers remotely for those working in the office and at home. Office upgrades like cloud-based technology might be expensive but will improve productivity and lessen technical frustration!

Real Estate

You may need less real estate in a post coronavirus working environment, with fewer people coming into the office daily and more people working from home.

This will allow you to make office upgrades in an entirely new space. You could improve your process workflows and organizational priorities in a new office.

Hiring a professional design team and commercial contractor can help you achieve those goals.

Office Renovations After COVID 19

Office renovations in Toronto are growing in popularity with the return to the office after Covid-19 with reorganization and added technology. You might also want to consider office renovations if you downsize your real estate into a new space.

Thinking about renovating or redesigning your office space? Contact us today to discuss your project. We can help you design the right space and design it to suit your needs.

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