What Is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is why some of our most favourite places became built. It is a large industry, yet many do not know the different types of commercial construction.

Commercial construction companies, like Dancor Construction, build the office buildings you work in, as well as the shopping centres and plazas you shop in.

Would you like to know more about commercial construction? Continue reading for more information about this important industry.

What Is the Commercial Construction Industry?

The commercial construction industry is a part of general construction. Commercial construction companies build commercial buildings. This means offices, medical centres, retail centres, and more.

Commercial projects can be very different from each other. This is why they are often broken down into three parts, small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale construction.

Small-Scale Commercial Construction

Small-scale commercial construction, is also known as light construction. It points to projects that involve rebranding and reimaging. These projects call for updating older spaces.

Small-scale construction never makes the size of the building larger. Only small repairs and maintenance take place.

Often, when doing small-scale construction, you will see a lot of redesigns. This includes new paint, new floors, and other updates.

Medium-Scale Commercial Construction

Medium-scale commercial construction projects often mean renovating a space. When a company needs expanding, medium-scale construction is often the best choice.

Some projects can reach completion in no time as they are only a bit more involved than small-scale construction. Other medium-scale projects can include adding stories to a building, these types of construction projects can take up to a year to finish.

Large-Scale Commercial Construction

Large-scale commercial construction is considered the construction of a building from the ground up.

Large-scale commercial construction companies employ many workers in different areas to get the job done. Scheduling must show detail and building codes must be followed. Construction companies with a proven track record, such as Dancor Construction, must be involved in these types of projects as extensive knowledge is required.

How Does Commercial Construction Differ From Residential Construction?

Commercial building construction is a lot different from residential construction, even though the two are often confused with one another.

Residential construction builds single and multi-family homes. Commercial construction can range from building a shopping mall to repainting an office building.

To do a commercial construction project the company needs many important skills. These skills include the following.

  • Designing and drafting the project
  • Project planning and management
  • Knows federal, state, and local laws
  • Practice with technology and equipment
  • Great communication

The list could become very long if you include other smaller details, but all of these make a company successful in constructing buildings.

At Dancor Construction we provide professional, industrial, and commercial construction services and are committed to satisfying our customers throughout the entire construction process.

Dancor Construction proudly provides commercial, industrial and retail construction in London, Brampton, Barrie, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and Oshawa. Contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

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