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Can I lease an entire building ?

Yes. It is possible to lease an entire building. Contact us at London@dancor.ca to discuss your business needs and time requirements. If we do not have a facility available we are able to construct one in record time to suit your needs.

Do you do renovations ?

Yes, we do renovations of industrial and commercial spaces. Submit your photos and information in the form above and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long is your lease term?

Our lease terms are usually 5 years for a multi-tenant building and 10 years for a single build to suit industrial or commercial facility. We can also discuss your business’ specific current and future requirements and customize your plan.

what if I need more space ?

When signing a lease with Dancor Construction, we take all your current and future needs for growth into consideration. If you think you will require more space discuss this with your Dancor agent and we will design a custom plan.

Do you do lease to own?

We do not have a lease to own option. However our Dancor agent would be happy to discuss leasing and owning options with you to see which best suits your current and future business needs.

Do you do specialized buildings ?

Yes. Apart from standard industrial warehouse and office combination construction. We have experience doing various forms of specialized buildings from defence buildings to buildings with high level food safety requirements.