How Long Does an Office Space Take to Build?

The pandemic is winding down, and people are returning to work, so it’s no surprise that there is a major upswing in office space leasing in Ontario. Soon that market will run out, so building more office space will become a major need.

If you are in need of office space construction, here is your guide to knowing how long the project can be expected to take.

Office Space Design

Design is a major contributing factor in the time it will take to build your office space. Architects must go through programming, a process that involves learning the operations of a client’s office and determining how many offices, conferences, and workstations are needed. Then they need to create layout documents based on that program, and then they need to allow the client to review and alter as they see fit.

The programming process alone can take three weeks, and the creation of the construction documents can be two to three months. Time-consuming as that is, failure to program and plan can lead to construction mistakes that will hinder you from meeting business needs. Therefore, this process is absolutely necessary.

Office Space Furniture

Furniture is not something to be frivolous. You need to get furniture that fits the office space’s aesthetics and that can be reached by all power and telecommunication cables. Chances are, you’ll have to order new furniture.

Be mindful of this when you map out your office space construction budget, as new furniture can cost you $20 to $30 per square foot. Also, it can take two to five months for that furniture to be delivered. So, the sooner you can get that ordered, the better off you’ll be.

Office Space Construction

Once you have all of this done, you then have the office space construction ready to go. How long this is going to take will depend on the size and complexity of the project, but it can range anywhere from two months (for smaller projects) to eight months (larger and more complex projects).

Once that is complete the fixturing process in which cables and furniture are all added, can take about three weeks. With all these factors in mind, be ready to plot out a six to twelve-month process in setting your office construction deadline. It is going to take time, but it is necessary for a functioning work environment.

Where to Find Commercial Contractors to Build Your Office Space

Now you have some idea how long it will take to build your office space, your particular needs are going to depend on the size and scale of your company’s needs. To get a good estimate of the time you will need, you need the help of a commercial contractor.

Looking For a Commercial Contractor For Your Office Space?

If you’re in the Southern Ontario area, we at Dancor Construction are here to help you design a premium office space. We are the leading construction company in the area due to our desire to please our clients and our commitment and passion for quality workmanship.

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