Design Tips For Your New Office Building

It bodes well for your business if you’re considering an office construction project because it usually means your business is growing and entering a thrilling new chapter.

Building a custom office can develop or solidify a positive company culture where employees feel like they have a work family and professional home base.

Read on as we highlight some of the factors you’ll need to consider and offer some design tips as well to get you started.

Pick The Right Location

Your office is an extension of your brand. If your business is smaller and you’re trying to cut costs, look for a place in an up-and-coming part of town. You should find the amenities you require to do business efficiently, and you can utilize the savings to add value within the office.

Natural light and fresh air are known to boost employee mood and productivity. A location with lots of windows and a bright space could be a selling point for future employees.

Functional Floor Plan

Your floor plan depends on the size of your company and the kinds of activities your employees need to do.

Open-plan spaces facilitate interaction, so if teams need to bounce ideas off each other often, this can be a good choice. Include multipurpose glassed-off breakaway areas where meetings can occur, or employees can have some quiet time and enjoy some privacy. Aim for a layout that offers more flexibility and a dynamic workplace.

Employee Comfort & Morale

In a post-pandemic world where remote work is normalized, the office needs to be attractive for all your employees.

Your office design should provide areas where workers can focus and work uninterrupted, but also places where those individuals that want to socialize while physically distancing themselves will still be able to do so. An open environment can facilitate that!

Natural accents like wood and potted plants create an inviting atmosphere, as do varied textures and pops of bright colour.

When selecting your office furniture, you should opt for ergonomic and preferably mobile furniture. Employees who spend a lot of time behind a computer will benefit from longevity by using ergonomic furniture. Mobile furniture will be beneficial in case employees do have to relocate back to a remote work situation. In addition, as your company grows, mobile furniture will also make it easier, in case you need to move to a bigger location.

Energy Efficiency

Natural light cuts down on your power usage, and energy-efficient lighting saves electricity too. Laptops have been shown to be a more eco-friendly option as opposed to desktops.

Use building materials that won’t leave your office very hot or cold, and place air vents that deliver heat or cooling air in areas where furniture won’t block them.

Office Technology

The technology that your business is using daily will influence your office’s spatial design.

Keep things neat by finding ways to hide cords and cables. Prioritize portability and find reliable wireless solutions to declutter your space and enable employees to move around and collaborate conveniently. Safety will be a number one priority once employees return back to work. Having wires or cables hidden away will also ensure a safer working environment.

If relevant, create appealing and functional spaces tailored for high-quality video calls, whether it be with clients, prospects or your employees. Businesses benefit from having good working relationships at all levels.


Will your office serve only employees, or will clients come in regularly for meetings? If you’re dealing with the former, swipe cards should work, and the latter will require planning for a reception area and waiting area. If you are meeting clients in the office, it is important to have an appealing reception area. Comfortable seating along with the business’ branding is an important first impression.

Open-plan offices don’t offer intruders any place to hide, but good lighting and mirrors in strategic places make a closed-plan office feel safe too. Employees will feel safe at night if they are working outside of normal office hours.

Need Professional Office Design & Construction Services?

With a reliable design-build contractor like Dancor, your future office is a lot easier to achieve than you’d imagine. We have dozens of industrial, commercial and renovation construction projects under our belt in Southern Ontario. We have a proven track record and we’ve won numerous awards in recognition of our exceptional service and culture.

Get in touch today for more information!

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