Common Types of Retail Construction Projects

Retail construction can take on many forms depending on your business’s location, your existing or intended clientele, and your vision for your business. It can include retail build outs, sustainability upgrades, and turnkey operations.

Retail construction projects cover more than new businesses. Your existing storefront can benefit from remodeling. Every business can use an overhaul at one time or another. Times change, your customer base could change. The first thing customers see is what they see. Let the first impression be a positive one with a new look.

Retail Build outs

You have found the perfect location for your business, but it might have suited the previous business, and may not be right for yours. Having a retail buildout entails our contractors looking at what is there as far as layout, wiring and plumbing, office and kitchen space, and a number of bathrooms. Once this assessment has been made we will make appropriate remodeling changes to fit the requirements specifically for your business. We take your specifications and put the retail build out together accordingly.

Remodeling and Rebranding

Many businesses find that they fall behind with their customer base as trends evolve. Something that was all the rage a few years ago could be old news today. It is realistic to consider rebranding and remodeling every 10 years or so. Your customer base could become attracted to new colors and building styles. If you notice certain colors turning up in architecture all around you, those colors will probably be favored by companies for the next 10 to 15 years. New windows, your floorplan, and the exterior of your building can all be revised to keep up with the times.

The form your commercial construction takes will depend largely on the type of business you have. A stand-alone building could benefit from one type of renovation while a retail space in a mall could require different rehabilitation. You might want a complete renovation, or your improvements might focus on new tile and lighting throughout your store.


Storefront retail construction consists primarily of the framing and windows that make up the shell of your retail business. If you like your location, or have your eye on a new location, but the building needs some basic renovation, we can discuss a storefront construction makeover for you. Imagine customers walking by the outside of your store. Do you want larger windows so you can put out a display? Is there a special type of door that you feel would make your customers feel more welcome as they walk in? These things and more we would be happy to talk to you about.

Sustainability Upgrades

Your new retail construction remodeling job can help the planet. Green building is becoming a new way to do your part. Building materials can be reused. Lighting can be changed to include or be totally LED. You might decide to have at least some of your employees working from home. This would have a bearing on your construction plan.

Turnkey Construction

Turnkey construction makes it possible for a business owner to walk into a business ready to take over. You will discuss your needs and budget with a contractor before construction begins with regular follow-ups. Turnkey construction is financially sound because you won’t be paying for every job individually. Each step of the construction process is part of the complete turnkey package.

Searching for an Experienced Retail Construction Company?

Dancor has been recognized as one of Canada’s top companies when it comes to management. Our award-winning business is proud of our projects that have included retail, commercial, and industrial construction. Our crews adhere to all rules and regulations for your safety and that of your customers.

We stand behind our work and will continue to do so as the business needs of our clients continue to change. Call for a consultation today. We can walk you through retail build outs, turnkey operations, rebranding, and more to help you decide the best option for your retail construction. We are here to serve you and to help make the vision you have for your business a reality.

Contact us today to discuss your future retail construction project!

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