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General, Commercial & Industrial Contractors Brampton

General, Commercial & Industrial Contractors in Brampton

Founded in 2001, Dancor has called Brampton it’s home for over two decades. We are proud to be one of the leading construction companies and general contractors in Brampton as we provide commercial and industrial contractors and construction services across Brampton and Peel Region.

Supporting Businesses & Industry in Brampton

As one of the largest cities in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton is home to a flourishing and diverse commercial community. Well positioned with proximity to Toronto Pearson International Airport and Downtown Toronto, Brampton is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their business in the GTA.

From office construction to retail store renovations, our team of commercial contractors in Brampton caters to the precise needs of business owners. We gladly handle your project for your business with a commitment to quality construction and workmanship, including on design and builds.


Industrial Construction

Brampton is a key economic manufacturing hub in southern Ontario, home to a wide range of different industries and manufacturers. Whether you are looking to build a small-scale production facility or a powerhouse factor for your company or client, Dancor’s industrial contractors are your number one solution. We have extensive experience in renovating and building for industrial purposes (see our portfolio) and have built a solid reputation for our work in Brampton and Peel

Contact Dancor Construction

If you are interested in hiring one of Toronto and the GTA’s most trusted construction companies for your building, design or renovation plans, look no further than Dancor. Contact us today to start your project with us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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