5 Steps for a Successful Warehouse Construction

Perhaps the idea of warehouse construction seems simple; some walls, a concrete floor, and you’re done. Or maybe you have given some thought to how much actually happens inside those walls and it all seems a bit overwhelming.

The truth is a warehouse design-build does not have to be intimidating.

A custom warehouse space can do so much for your business. A warehouse designed to suit your needs can help streamline production times, cut overhead costs, and increase revenues.

By planning for your current and future needs and doing a little research, you can feel confident in your warehouse design.

Here are five simple steps to help you start planning your perfect warehouse.

Step 1: Create Your Vision Around Your Business Needs

The first step to designing your perfect warehouse is to understand your business’ warehouse needs.

Answering a few questions such as “what activities will take place in the warehouse?” and “what are the characteristics of my products?” will help you build your vision of a perfect warehouse based on your specific needs.

Step 2: Project Future Needs

As your business grows, your warehouse needs to be able to grow with you. Determine what your future goals are for your business and plan accordingly.

When projecting the growth of your business, also project future warehouse requirements. Make plans for future space, storage, and technology needs.

Step 3: Budget Your Warehouse Construction Project

There are several factors to consider when building your budget. These include materials, labor, permits, location (more on that momentarily), and construction type.

To make sure breaking ground will not break the bank, create a comprehensive construction budget.

Step 4: Location, Location, Location

With vision and budget in hand, it is time to pick that ever-important location.

There are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect location for your business’ warehouse. Some of these factors include the distance from customers and manufacturing and the vicinity of a strong transportation network.

Use these four important considerations to help narrow down the best location for your warehouse.

Step 5: Know the Potential Pitfalls

No construction project is without potential risks. But knowing those risks and preparing for them can keep your project on track.

Lack of proper planning can lead to mistakes in construction such as unsuitable technologies and a lack of capacity to meet your business growth. Knowing the most common pitfalls in warehouse construction, and how to avoid them, can make the entire process much more manageable.

Hire General Contracts for Your Warehouse Construction

Following these steps can help you start your perfect warehouse construction plans. To complete the process, you need a construction company you can trust. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area or elsewhere in Southern Ontario, Dancor Construction has the knowledge and experience needed to deliver your project on time and on budget.

View our portfolio to see our expertise at work. See why we have a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, and innovation in the construction field.

And, when you are ready to start your own project, request a quote to get one step closer to constructing the perfect warehouse for your business.

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