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5 Advantages Of A Design-Build Contract - Dancor Construction Ltd

5 Advantages Of A Design-Build Contract

A design-build contract is an efficient method of construction where the same company is responsible for both the designing and building elements of the project. This means that one company takes charge of a large majority of the project as opposed to several. With this, there are multiple advantages for you and the design-build construction company.

With a design-build construction company, your project will be completed more efficiently which results in savings of both time and money. By employing one contractor as opposed to several, it is easier to remain in frequent contact with them which allows for greater accountability regarding the status of the project.

Altogether, a design-build contract is a smart choice which is why we offer it at Dancor.

1. Increased Efficiency

When hiring a separate design and construction company, there are multiple stalls within the project. The construction process is much less efficient as both companies rely upon each other whilst not being on the same team. Whereas when you employ a design-build construction company, you get a more efficient experience, with fewer delays.

Both elements of the construction are part of the same team and so they are on the same page throughout. They behave more cohesively which allows the work to be conducted in a shorter time frame with better quality. Our experience as design-build contractors has demonstrated this to us and our successful projects reflect this.

2. Total Accountability

An unfortunate part of employing multiple contractors and subcontractors is their tendency to place blame upon each other. They often refuse to take responsibility for delays to the projects that could fall upon their area of the project. These delays often crop up due to the disadvantages of separating the project in this manner.

However, this isn’t an issue with design-build construction. There is only one company to take accountability for any production issues. This allows for more open communication as there are fewer parties involved in the contract.

3. Honest/ Frequent Communication

Open communication is much easier in construction with a design-build contract as there is only one company to communicate with at all times regarding each element of the construction. As well, choosing a company that values customer satisfaction, like Dancor, allows for more honesty and a stronger line of communication to be established.

Therefore, the design-build construction company that you employ will need to maintain continuous and open contact with you as they will have frequent updates for you. As well, with one company in control, you will have fewer companies to engage with yourself and you will be able to communicate more effectively with your sole contractor.

4. Time Savings

Effective communication is one of the many ways in which you will save time by contracting a design-build construction company. As one team, the company will only need to communicate within itself which is easier and more timely.

As well, a more efficient workflow will be established as it will not be broken apart by the changing over of workers. There will be a stronger plan regarding the transition from design to construction to completion. All of this will allow the project to be completed quicker and to a higher standard as it is the responsibility of one company throughout.

5. Cost Savings

By hiring one contractor under a design-build contract, you often pay a set price ahead of commencement which reduces the risk of additional costs later on. This allows you to retain control over the budget and save money overall even if the initial price is greater.

As well, the contractor can utilize their budget more effectively. Since they are responsible for both the design and construction, they will be able to find areas to save money in the project such as materials or workforce that will allow their budget to stretch further also.

Looking For An Experienced Design-Build Contractor?

At Dancor, we believe that design-build construction is often an efficient way to go for your project. It reduces costs and increases work efficiency, allowing the project to be completed faster and for less but to better standards.

We know this because we have seen the results ourselves. With over 20 years of experience have completed many design-build contracts that have always been successful and left owners elated by the quality of the construction. If you’re thinking of taking on a design-build contractor, contact us to hear more about your options.

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