3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Might Need a New Facility

As the pandemic recedes, businesses are looking at ways to reinvigorate their operations and widen their market share in an economic environment that’s markedly different from a couple of years ago. 

Depending on what plans an organization might have, moving premises could be a priority. Here we take a look at three reasons why moving to a fresh facility could be critical to future growth and improved performance.

The Need to Accommodate Increased Demand

In some cases, companies can become victims of their own success! As demand for their goods increases, their production operation may come under increasing pressure. For many businesses, the size of their premises can act as a brake on growth.

To enable manufacturers to increase significantly, a move to fresh premises is often essential.

The Need to Downsize to Maintain Efficiency

While some manufacturers will need to “go large” to keep pace with current demand, other businesses will be looking for smaller premises. If an operation can be carried out at the same level of efficiency in a smaller area, it’s possible to make a significant saving in overheads by relocating to a building with less floor space.

Moving to a smaller building can result in reduced rent, utilities and taxes. For manufacturers who are looking for a straightforward method of increasing efficiency, moving to a smaller facility could be the perfect solution.

The savings made through operating in smaller premises can be used to invest in fresh equipment, update an existing plant, or invest in the equipment and labour needed to obtain faster, better or additional production.

The Need to Modernize

Businesses are currently scrambling to stake their claim in the post-pandemic market. To ensure your business stays ahead, operating in modern premises using up-to-date methods and machinery is critical. Businesses that fail to modernize during this critical period are likely to face significant problems in the future.

Older premises may be poorly located, making it difficult for workers to access their workplace, and creating logistical difficulties for supplies coming in or goods going out of the factory. Dated buildings may lack the internal infrastructure needed to cope with cutting-edge plant and operating procedures.

For all these reasons and more, now could be the right time to relocate to a new, fresh building.

Obtain a new Facility with Dancor Construction

Dancor Construction is an industrial and commercial construction company covering much of Southern Ontario, with industrial contractors in cities such as Mississauga, Brampton and London. As an industry leader, Dancor offers a flexible, reliable construction solution for commercial and industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes.

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